Grace Christian Outreach Ministries

God leads, we follow.

April 4, 2020

As we all persevere through this storm of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to encourage you that God is still on the throne and that we will come out of this in God's perfect timing and for His praise and glory! We want you to remember that God has promised all of us that He "will never leave us nor forsake us." We had to cancel our ministry trip to San Luis Potosi, Central Mexico in mid March due to the corona virus spreading in the United States and talk of the border possibly being closed. We also did not want to potentially bring the virus down to the indigenous people where there is so much poverty and very basic, if any, medical facilities. The coronavirus is spreading in Mexico as well and I have been told it is probably worse than reported as very few tests are being done. Mexico does not have the social programs we have in the United States and so if someone loses their job they, and their family, can be in a real difficult situation. $35 a week can feed a family for a week so we are asking people to pray about helping needy families during this time. If you want to help feed a needy Mexican family you can send your donation to GCOM and let us know it is for "food for needy people in Mexico" and 100% of the donation will go for that purpose. We right now have twelve pallets of literature in Omaha, Nebraska waiting to be brought down to the border and then brought into Mexico. We are praying for God to make a way for us to get it to the border. I have been trying to go myself to bring it some of it down in my pickup truck pulling a utility trailer but have run into hindrances each time. Our trucker friend, Fred Zweifel, is also willing to load up a semi truck and drive it down but he has been unable to get a trailer from his company to use to bring it down. Please pray for God to help us in this situation and to open a door for us to get this literature down to the US.- Mexican border and into Mexico. This week, if all goes as planned, a Christian forwarding agent in Laredo, Texas and a Christian Mexican government official will be helping us cross in several tons of rice and beans and three pallets of literature to Nuevo Laredo to share with Mexican families who are passing through difficult times. Please pray this goes smoothly and that many lives are impacted for Christ. We are also currently in the midst of a project of printing a million Gospel evangelistic flyers telling about the fulfillment of Signs of Jesus' Coming Return. These will be put with a book of Luke or John and will be distributed throughout Mexico and Latin America. Please pray that these Gospel flyers will bring many people to Jesus. As I write this Sylvia is not feeling well. Please pray for her healing. We do not think it is the corona virus but we are unsure at this moment. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and for your financial support in helping GCOM reach people for Christ in Mexico and around the world!

December 15, 2019

We had an incredible time of family outreaches in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. We ministered to 1200+ people of all ages and saw 800 + people of all ages give their lives to Christ! Each child received a nice Joy box or Blessing Bag, the youth received a duffel bag or a soccer ball, the adults received a bag or two of rice and we asked questions from the Bible and whoever answered correctly got to choose a blanket or quilt for their family. We also gave out 2,000 + Bibles and thousands of Gospel booklets and tracts to those who attended the outreaches. Please pray that each of these new believers gets involved in a Bible believing church and becomes a committed follower of Christ!

October 6,2019

I had a great ministry time in Florida visiting friends and supporters and giving them ministry updates! It was great to see everyone!

I will try and be more diligent in keeping the blogs coming. A lot is happening with this ministry all the time and I scarcely have time for my family, so I will honestly try to keep you up to date.

Speaking of which, we would greatly appreciate your prayers of continuing finances for our ministry endeavors. All of you are our source to keep this ministry going and may God bless you for your help, be it prayers or finances.


Also, my son, Joshua is trying to get into Texas A&M College. Your prayers are greatly needed to help him achieve that goal and accommodate all his needs while he is there.

September 13, 2019

I have been in Florida from Sept. 6-18th giving ministry updates and meeting new and old friends. We have also made a lot of updates on the website. It has truly been a blessed time! On the 18th I fly back to Austin, TX to see the family before going to Mexico. Thanks for your prayers for this short trip!!