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Prayer Requests for Mexico


For God to raise up godly Christian leaders in the government.

For God to put a stop to the power of the Mexican mafia, especially in the border cities.

For God to send revival to Mexico.

For rapid construction of new churches and the completion of construction on already established churches.

For the spirit of poverty to be broken in Mexico so the people will begin to walk in abundance and God's blessings.

For the churches, ministries, and ministers in Mexico to begin walking in God's abundance.

For Christian television and radio to be established throughout Mexico.

For Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers to be established throughout Mexico.

For God to raise up ministries throughout Mexico to strengthen existing families and reunite broken families.

For strong Christian families in Mexico.

For God to raise up nursing homes throughout Mexico.

For God to raise up training centers throughout Mexico for evangelism and church planting.

For more Mexican Christian ministers to be trained.

For God's provision of medicine, food, clothing, and shelter for impoverished people in Mexico.

For an abundant harvest of souls in Mexico through evangelism outreaches.

For God's healing and delivering power to be manifested through evangelism outreaches.

That the church in Mexico begin sending out missionaries to other countries to spread the Gospel.

For the spirit of old religious traditions and idolatry to be broken in Mexico.

For Christian schools for children, teenagers, and young adults to be raised up throughout Mexico.

For God's provision of cars, trucks, and vans to all of the Mexican ministers.

For the children of Christian parents to follow their parents' lead and follow Christ for the rest of their lives.

For more jobs to be provided for the people of Mexico and a higher wage for the workers.

For God to stop the drug trafficking, high rate of murder, and kidnapping in Mexico; especially in the border cities.

For the people of Mexico to leave the old traditional religions behind and turn to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For Mexican Christians to be shining beacons to the unbelievers in Mexico.