Grace Christian Outreach Ministries

God leads, we follow.


The mission of Grace Christian Outreach Ministries is to work with the national church and pastors to build up the evangelical church in Mexico through evangelistic outreaches and compassion ministry. To realize this mission, Grace Christian Outreach Ministries commits itself to:

Evangelize the Cities and Villages of Mexico through evangelistic crusades, through showing "The Passion of the Christ", through children's Sidewalk Sunday School, through evangelism training seminars and through spiritual surveys and tract and magazine distribution.

Provide Resources for the Mexican Churches by distributing food, clothing, Spanish Bibles and New Testaments, Spanish tracts and Christian magazines and other evangelism resources.

Coordinate Mission Groups to Work with the Existing Mexican Churches and Pastors in the areas of prayer walking, evangelism outreaches and construction to build up the existing national church.

Develop a Child Sponsorship Program in Mexico to link sponsors with impoverished and spiritual needy children providing prayer support, financial support and Christian love to the children and their families.