Grace Christian Outreach Ministries

God leads, we follow.


Spanish Bibles for distribution in Mexico.

Pastor Kevin, his son Joshua, and Pastor Matt in Ennis , Texas with literature for Mexico.

Joshua loading the truck with Gospel literature in Ennis, Texas, to be distributed in Mexico.

New Testaments in Spanish being distributed in Nogales, Mexico.

Large print bibles being distributed in Mexico.

Car donated to a Mexican Evangelist

Books of Luke that have now been distributed in Mexico.

Ministry supplies being stored to be transported to Mexico via semi truck.


Chilren's outreach near Guadalajara, Mexico.


Children's Outreach in Hidalgo, Mexico


Bibles being distributed to Pastors after a Pastor's Conference in Monterrey, Mexico.

Gospel Tracts for distribution by Pastors in Monterrey, Mexico.

Bibles being distributed by Pastors in Monterrey, Mexico .

Children's Outreach in Monterrey showing off their wooden toy cars that were made by men in Minnesota.

Children's outreach in Monterrey, Mexico.


New Testaments in Spanish being distributed in Nogales, Mexico.


Literature being stored in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico , missionary base waiting to be distributed throughout Mexico.

Pastor Raul and Pastora Leti with literature for distribution in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Pastora Gloria giving a large print bible to a visually impaired man in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Pastor Adrian and Yessica's wedding ceremony officiated by Pastor Kevin in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Missionaries and congregation building a church in a poor neighborhood in Nuevo Laredo.

Church expansion project in Nuevo Laredo.

Immigrants in the Nuevo Laredo detention center receiving bibles.