Grace Christian Outreach Ministries

God leads, we follow.


GCOM India Director Emanuel Kishore doing an evangelistic crusade in rural India.

People in India praying to God.

More prayers by the people in India.

Bibles to be distributed in Hyderabad, India.

Director of GCOM ministries in India distributing bibles to the kids in VBS in Hyderabad, India.

Vacation Bible School sponsored by GCOM in a villiage near Hyderabad, India!

Children by Hyderabad India receiving toys and bibles from the GCOM Children's Outreach at VBS.

Children's outreach in India.

Pastor Emmanuel Kishore praying for the lepers near Hyderabad, India.

Leprosy Camp near Hyderabad, India.

Brother Kishor reading God's Word to the lepers.

Lepers praying to God near Hyderabad, India.

Giving bags of food to lepers near Hyderabad, India.

Lepers receiving food from GCOM.

Rice being distributed in India by GCOM.

GCOM Pastor's Conference in India.

Food provided by GCOM for the poor near Hyderabad, India.

Evangelistic team near Hyderabad, India that preach the Gospel in the unreached villages.

Rao, India, Bible School.

Rao, India; Bible School.